Hotel Modular Development (HMD)

HMD offers a one-stop-shop including Concept Design Engineering Production and Installation for the completion of a full turn-key project. Off-site fabrication increases control over the production process, quality assurance and limits risk of delays. Furthermore, it reduces the on-site installation time, providing a shorter development and earlier Cash Flow.  Our Modular Concept Construction is based on using factory-fabricated units to deliver quality hospitality facilities.

HMD offers a one-stop-shop including Concept, Design, Engineering Production and Installation for the completion of a full turn-key project based on factory fabricated units to delivery quality facilities.


• High Build Quality

• Rapid Construction

• Earlier Cash Flow


• Control Risk and Project Flexibility

• Turn-key Projects

   Why Build Modular Hotels?

Build Quality - Offering a highly consistent standard of finish. Produced using quality materials.

Rapid Construction - Modular Hotels can open at least 9 months earlier (50% faster) than traditionally constructed hotels. Modular Rooms are fabricated off-site while foundation works are done. Risk of weather delays are minimised. Centralised Logistics, Standardisation and Know-How.

Reduced Costs - Reduced bridging finance. Early income and lower cost of prelims because of shorter construction time. Faster return on investment. Overall cost minus early returns will result in lower cost than traditionally constructed hotels.

Reduced Risk - Reduced HSE risks on site. Less risk on delay because of bad weather. Supply of materials better controlled.

Project Flexibility - Modular rooms are fabricated months before hand over, allowing clients to see the finished product. Phasing of investment, the project can be built in phases by adding modular rooms. Possible relocation of hotel if required.

Turnkey Project - Design and build approach with specific emphasis on testing and commissioning. Ready to operate the hotel.

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