Aqua Lodge - Floating Bungalows

An innovative solution for resort developments in remote destinations like Indonesia (Raja Ampat, Maluku or Labuan Bajo), Maldives and any other destinations in Asia Pacific, Indian Ocean and Caribbean Islands.

The Aqua 0dge Concept:

Hybrid product combining a residential building and a boat;

High technology product that is completely sustainable in both energy and water;

Respectful ecologically, without polluting the environment;

A deliverable concept that can be adapted according to the operating program, the level of service and the environmental conditions;

A product that must meet local safety and nautical regulation standards; and

The product is intended for short-stay tourist guests, so the quality and functionality of the facilities contribute to the commercial and financial success of the operation.


The AQUA-LODGE concept is an efficient and environment-friendly product for overwater guests.

A perfect solution to develop new tourism products in remote destinations.


The Airbnb site shows the real situation of an AQUA-LODGE at the St Francois's lagoon in Guadeloupe (Caribbean Islands) where we already have six units under operation Click here


   Aqua Lodge, What is it?

Everyone of us, has once dreamed to be Robinson Crusoe! Without any nautical experience, even if it's the first time you come on board a boat Aqua Lodge allow you to enjoy a boat’s pleasure at anchor. without any sea sickness and in a full 21th century home energy independent and environmentally friendly With your family, with your friends, with the one you love, enjoy the sea.

Floating house for all sheltered waters such as lakes, lagoons and rivers…

• « D » Maritime classification

• Marine authorization for shore navigation

• 100% Self sufficient for electricity and fresh water (Thanks to solar panels)

• No impact on the environment : all rejects are treated

• Optimal bioclimatic comfort


Energy Production

• 8 solar panels 1520 Watts

• Batteries 900 A in 24V

Supplying :

• 24V to 12V DC and 220 V AC converter for on board electric devices :

• LED lightening

• Underwater spots

• Water maker

• Fridge and deep fridge, 220v sockets,

electric blind….


Consumption and batteries charging are monitored by C-Pod Computerized system.


Fresh Water Production

• Desalinisation 50 L/h, 24V DC

• Fresh water tank 3000 L

• Solar hot water 180 L

• Rain water use through deck is possible



• BIOLET 65 is a dry toilet made in


• Natural product added composts the


• The lower compartment has to be

emptied periodically and the compost

can be used in the garden



Grey Waters

Waters from :

• Dishwashing machine

• Shower

• Bathrooms sinks…are filtered, degreased, oxygenized before being rejected.

The residual charge of the water rejected is insignificant.

The use of organic soap is recommended



• Bedroom ventilation is controllable with adjustable louvers on « windward » and »leeward » doors

• Toilet and bathroom are fitted with fixed louvers

• Inside salon is fitted with fixed jalousie near the roof

and the metallic blinds adjustable to evacuate the heat

• The large openings on the side corridor are allowing fresh air ventilation and a full surrounding sea view

• The aft deck salon is fully protected from rain and and wide open to sea panorama


Enjoy the Sea

• Semi-rigid tender 3,5 m long

• Electric outboard engine TORQEEDO

• With spare battery

• Paddle board

• Kayak

• Snorkelling equipment

• Underwater lights

• Glass floor panel in the salon

• Barbecue for grilling lobsters you have caught!


AQUA LODGE is a product dedicated to tourism business:

• Some units based in protected waters

• Aqua Lodges « village » surrounding a floating hotel services platform

• Units beside existing hotel equipment

• « Life base unit » in secluded location

• Office in a marina or water place


AQUA LODGE does not need any infrastructure ashore and is ready for use as soon as it arrives at anchor.



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